Nick Jnr — Noggin Big Heart Album

As a part of the Big Heart Album project we worked with Nick Jnr team to create a animated series of music videos created for Noggin “Big Heart World” - the interactive learning social initiative for preschoolers. The cast of original characters learn how to diffuse conflict by listening, communicating and respecting each other's point of view.

Nick Jnr — Noggin Big Heart Album

Partnering with creative team at Nick Jnr, we developed a neighbourhood of diverse characters. Yasmina, Marisol, Marquis, Kale, Liam, Katheryn and Asmee. The kids work together to understand their emotions and feelings, while also having compassion for what others may be experiencing.

Client: Nick Jnr / Brand: Noggin


Made by Radio

Founder ECD: Byron Meiring

Creative Directors: Arno Visser, Willie Blignaut

Head of Production: Leizel Thebus

Concept, Illustration & Colour Keys: Arno Visser, Schalk Pienaar, Hannes Greyling, Jeanri Venter

2D Animatic: Schalk Pienaar, Simon Kotze

2D Animation: Willie Blignaut, Schalk Pienaar, Simon Kotze, Francois Schonken

3D Lead: Andre Davids

Modelling: Julia Lewis-Thomas, Jeanne Trusler

Shading and Texturing: Kyle Zeeman, Jeanne Trusler

Rigging: Simoné Oosthuizen

VFX: Bjorn Nightingale

Lighting & Compositing: Andre Davids, Damien Manuel, Kayley Wagner, Sarah Swanepoel

3D Animation: Geoff Trusler, Sarah Swanepoel, Zolna Minik,  Fraser Littlejohn, Tom Pinon