Nick Jnr — Noggin Big Heart Album

As a part of the Big Heart Album project we worked with Nick Jnr team to create a animated series of music videos created for Noggin “Big Heart World” - the interactive learning social initiative for preschoolers. The cast of original characters learn how to diffuse conflict by listening, communicating and respecting each other's point of view.

Client: Nick Jnr / Brand: Noggin


Made by Radio

Founder ECD: Byron Meiring

Creative Directors: Arno Visser, Willie Blignaut

Head of Production: Leizel Thebus

Concept, Illustration & Colour Keys: Arno Visser, Schalk Pienaar, Hannes Greyling, Jeanri Venter

2D Animatic: Schalk Pienaar, Simon Kotze

2D Animation: Willie Blignaut, Schalk Pienaar, Simon Kotze, Francois Schonken

Nice Dog

3D Lead: Andre Davids

Modelling: Julia Lewis-Thomas, Jeanne Trusler

Shading and Texturing: Kyle Zeeman, Jeanne Trusler

Rigging: Simoné Oosthuizen

VFX: Bjorn Nightingale

Lighting & Compositing: Andre Davids, Damien Manuel, Kayley Wagner, Sarah Swanepoel

3D Animation: Geoff Trusler, Sarah Swanepoel, Zolna Minik,  Fraser Littlejohn, Tom Pinon