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Moneyworld — App Dev

Two characters, 10 outfits each, over 150 scenes, all 100% @lottie.files compatible! It’s been a hell of a year, but Moneyworld is finally here!

Moneyworld is a mix between a fintech app and a video game, and helps you build savings habits in surprising and fun ways.


Thanks to skinnyships for the awesome illustrations and mt.wave_studio for the fresh beats.

All the animations in this showreel were created in After Effects and exported as .json files to be 100% Lottie compatible i.e. no scripts, effects, presets, inverse kinematics etc.

This project consisted of two characters, each in dozens of scenarios, across 10 different environments, with specific outfits for each environment.In order for the project to be scalable, we had to build rigs for each character that was not only easy to animate with, but could also support different variations of clothing without needing any re-animation, all while remaining 100% Lottie compatible.

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Client: Moneyworld

Client Director: Greg Smith

Illustrator: Richard Perez, Jennifer DeRosa

Creative Director: Willie Blignaut, Byron Meiring

Animation Directors: Hanco Gerber, Francois Schonken

Head of Production: Leizel Thebus

Producer: Phiroza Gorvalla

2D Animation: Willie Blignaut, Hanco Gerber, Francois Schonken, Adam Black, Ian Swemmer, Simon Kotze, William Pule

Music/SFX Mt Wave

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