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Pepsi — Driftwell '40 Jinx'

We worked with the closely with the design team at Pepsi, conceptualising and bringing to the life the 'forty jinx' as part of their brand launch for their new drink, Driftwell. 


Client: PepsiCo / Brand: Driftwell

Made by Radio
ECD - Byron Meiring
Creative Directors - Arno Visser, Willie Blignaut
Art Direction - Arno Visser
Storyboarding: Schalk Pienaar
Style Frames - Arno Visser, Greg Darroll, Zara Magumyan
Animation - Willie Blignaut, Francois Schonken, Schalk Pienaar,
Leandro Martinez, Simon Kotze

Animatics - Schalk Pienaar, Simon Kotze
Producer- Leizel Thebus

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