Wacom Intuos

There’s almost no end to what can be achieved with the help of the Wacom Intuos, we worked on a showcase of animations highlighting the power of the Intuos

Client: Wacom




WACOM_EDIT4_FRAME_8 copy.jpg




Iris London


Made by Radio


Lead Art Direction | Design - Arno Visser

Lead Art Direction | Design - Jean Rousseau 

Animation Directors - Willie Blignaut, Francois Schonken

CG Supervisor - Andre Davids

Creative Director - Byron Meiring

Animation - Willie Blignaut, Francois Schonken, Schalk Pienaar, Pablo Thomas, Leandro Martinez

3D artist - Ian Swemmer

Storyboarding - Schalk Pienaar, Willie Blignaut

Animatics - Schalk Pienaar, Willie Blignaut

Producer- Leizel Thebus

Rep - Sam Summerskill (B&A)