Cotton Fundamentals

Only cotton can be used in clothing, shelter and food. We were tasked to bring this fact to life and show the audience the various uses of Cotton

Client: Cotton Bureau 



Digital painting, background | Animatic | Style frames



Agency - DDB New York

Client - The Cotton Bureau 


Art Direction | Concept Art - Arno Visser

Concept Art - Jean Rousseau 

Lead 3D | Animation - Geoff Trussler

Lead 3D | Animation - Andre Davids

Lead shading | Lighting | Composting - Damien Manuel 

Modelling | Shading - Kyle Zeeman

3D artist - Thys Lottering

3D artist - Ian Swemmer

Digital Painting - Ryan De Carte

Sound FX and Music - Matthew Dickson

Producer- Leizel Thebus

Producer - Andrea Barkhuizen

Rep - Jeff Church (B&A)

Animation Director - Francois Schonken

Animation CD - Willie Blignaut

CD - Byron Meiring